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Dmitry Yureyvich KHOROSHEV


Тип Индивидуум
Пол Mужской
Имя списка Oбъединенное Королевство
Программы (1) Cyber
Входит в список (1) 07.05.2024

Имена/Названия (4)

Фамилия/Название KHOROSHEV
Имя/Название Dmitry
Второе имя/Название Yureyvich
Полное имя/Название Dmitry Yureyvich KHOROSHEV
Тип Имя
Фамилия/Название KHOROSHEV
Имя/Название Dmitriy
Второе имя/Название Yureyvich
Полное имя/Название Dmitriy Yureyvich KHOROSHEV
Тип Вариант основного имени
Фамилия/Название LockBitSupp
Полное имя/Название LockBitSupp
Тип AKA (известный также как)
Полное имя/Название Дмитрий Юрьевич Хорошев
Тип Нелатинское письмо

Гражданства (1)

Стpaнa Россия

Адреса (1)

Стpaнa Россия

Данные о рождении (1)

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Обоснование (1)

Dmitry Yureyvich KHOROSHEV is or has been involved in relevant cyber activity in that he has been responsible for, engaged in, provided support for or promoted the commission, planning or preparation of relevant cyber activity, or provided technical assistance that could contribute to relevant cyber activity. In particular, KHOROSHEV has been the primary user of the online moniker and public facing identity LockBitSupp. We assess that KHOROSHEV is a senior leader of the LockBit ransomware group and was centrally involved in the administration, its infrastructure and operations. KHOROSHEV, has been a significant direct financial beneficiary of LockBit ransomware activity. LockBit are responsible for ransomware attacks against thousands of victims around the world, including in the UK, which have been estimated to result in billions of dollars of losses globally, impacting businesses and the livelihoods of ordinary citizens. LockBit has conducted or enabled malicious ransomware campaigns against a range of targets, involving actual or attempted unauthorised access to and interference with information systems and data, activities which undermined or were intended to undermine the integrity, prosperity or security of the United Kingdom or a country other than the United Kingdom, or directly or indirectly caused or were intended to cause economic loss to or prejudice to the commercial interests of those affected by the activity.

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